We challenge conventional wisdom and reimagine what can be done as there is always a better way

We work hard to deliver innovative software products and on fostering enduring relationships with our clients. As a result of using our products, our clients can work with greater business agility through the speed and flexibility offered by our software. They can focus on being competitive in their market place and being more profitable as a result. We invest in our research and development, quality and testing to ensure we retain our current status as a leading and trusted supplier of mission critical message and data integration software in the global financial services marketplace.

To our knowledge, our clients have never suffered an operational fault due to our software and no client has ever left Volante in 15 years because of poor service or product quality. This is why the largest organisations in each of the markets we serve form part of our client base and regard Volante as a trusted vendor of mission critical software. This is a great source of pride for us and drives us to do even better tomorrow.

Our success is completely dependent on having the right kind of people working at Volante. Expertise in the appropriate field, initiative, creativity, passion, dedication and a sense of fun and humour all add up to the characteristics you will find in all who work here.

The Volante Product Development Center

We are a product company and our software development team lies at the heart of Volante. You will find that our development team is made up of people that like intellectual challenges and have the desire and drive to translate this directly into creating IP through excellence and innovation in software product development. Our product developers relish the chance to build products that directly compete and win against companies many times our size.

Lifestyle plays an important part in creating the ideal environment for optimal productivity. Our product development environment is intense and challenging but we encourage our development staff to work a normal working day – from 8:30am to 5:30pm. This means that a consistent balance is created between work and personal time for family and friends. We are always keen to hear from highly committed and talented people with the potential to be a part of our R&D team delivering our next generation of innovative software products.

If you think Volante is the environment for you then please take a look at our job opportunities section and feel free to apply or ask for more information.