Products Timeline

2001: Volante Designer was launched as software development tool that not only revolutionized financial data integration, but provided on-going benefits in data oversight. Since its launch, Volante Designer has been adopted by a growing number of financial institutions around the world. Volante Designer is also used by leading vendors, global service providers and utilities to facilitate seamless movement of data from sources to destinations, as well as serving as the integration ‘glue’ to build stable and efficient message flow.

2015: VolPay was launched to provide a development platform and a suite of business applications focused entirely on enabling true business agility in many critical areas in payments including: integration, customer on-boarding, processing and orchestration.

VolPay Foundation, a software development platform that enables banks and corporate enterprises to rapidly create and deploy highly scalable payments applications..

VolPay Channel, a business application built using VolPay Foundation that accelerates Host to Host channel on-boarding from corporates to banks, corporate subsidiaries to corporate treasuries and bank to bank..

VolPay Hub, a business application built using VolPay Foundation that accelerates payments processing orchestration and integration to internal processing systems..

Although the VolPay Suite has only recently been launched in 2015, it has the time proven and well established Volante Designer with its growing library of 330+ standards based message and transformation plug-ins at its core. Many Volante clients already use VolPay technology within their payments processing operations today.

Future products

Our products road map continues to be defined by what we glean from listening to our clients and emerging trends in the financial services industry. This results in the continual enhancement of our:

  • Flagship Volante Designer product
  • Library of international and domestic message and data standards plug-ins and transformations
  • VolPay suite of business applications designed to directly tackle to most pressing challenges in payments integration and processing in today's digital payments age.