Volante Technologies and Standards

Volante’s core competence is in our support for an extensive range of global financial standards. Volante constantly maintains a growing library of over 85 domestic and international financial message standards plugins with more than 250 associated customizable and bidirectional transformations – This library covers global payments processing as well as the standards underpinning electronic trading in capital markets, trade finance, compliance and reporting, card transactions and many more.

Volante works closely with standards and market practice bodies actively participating in a number of major groups.

These include:

ISO 20022 - Volante’s Fiona Hamilton, VP Europe and Asia, has been a contributor to the ISO 20022 standards for the past decade and most recently has been contributing to the Real Time Payments Group (RTPG) whose remit is to define a set of market practice guidelines for common global use in immediate payments systems.

Common Global Implementation – Market Practice (CGI-MP) – The CGI-MP forum aims to promote and simply the implementation of ISO 20022 as a standard for financial messaging between Banks and Corporates. It covers Payments, Account reporting, Direct Debits, EBAM, and more recently Bank Services Billing.

Volante’s Neil Clarke contributes to CGI-MP where he facilitates the working group covering account reporting by Banks to their corporate customers.

Other Industry Bodies - We also hold active memberships with a number of other industry bodies including;