Volante video interviews

Real-time payments have arrived in the US. Is your bank ready for the next generation of digital payments? Learn more about Volante's solution, VolPay Hub: RTP Suite.

Chris Stares, Principal Technical Consultant, Volante Technologies, talks to Financial IT about the challenges around payment integrations, and how VolPay helps clients overcome these challenges.

  • Introduction to Chris Stares
  • When it comes to implementing payment transformation projects, what are the issues and challenges that businesses have from a technical standpoint?
  • What is the ideal application/process/approach for all users to have to overcome these challenges?
  • How does the VolPay Suite of Payment Products help to achieve this Nirvana?

Mick Fennell, General Manager, Volante Technologies, Middle East & Africa, chats to Fintech Finance about industry themes, such as blockchain, open APIs, and ISO 20022, and how Volante helps clients to overcome their integration challenges.

  • What brings Volante to Sibos?
  • Can you tell me a bit more about what Volante do?
  • Do you see any trends in the industry?
  • Do you have any comments on regtech as a whole?

Fiona Hamilton, VP, Europe and Asia, Volante Technologies, speaks to Financial IT about RegTech projects and capital markets.

  • Introduction to Fiona Hamilton
  • What do you think are some of the current challenges facing capital markets today?
  • Discussions are increasing around regtech - what is your take on what is needed for those taking on regtech projects?
  • What are some of the new technologies you are helping your customers benefit from?

Financial IT speaks with Nadish Lad, Head of Payments Product, Volante Technologies, about innovations in the payments space.

  • Introduction to Nadish Lad
  • What are the innovations / disruptions that Volante is seeing in the market?
  • What new technologies is Volante seeing being adopted in the market and how easy is adoption?

This conversation was hosted by ISS Magazine between Brian Bollen (Chair), Fiona Hamilton (Volante Technologies), Johann Palychata (BNP Paribas) and Axel Pierron (Opimas) about the future of blockchain and whether it has been over-hyped.

New regulation, technology and customer preferences are disrupting the payments landscape. What do banks, businesses and payment services providers need to know – and how should they respond?

In the fourth workshop in the CTMFile Volante Technologies Connectivity series, Fiona Hamilton, Ganesh Srinisvasan and Corning’s Bengt Elvinsson, examine making payment factories effective - the vital stages.

In the third CTMFile workshop in the Volante Technologies Connectivity series Fiona Hamilton and Neil Clarke from Volante and Mondelez’s Mike Foye examine how to manage connectivity standards today and tomorrow.

In the second workshop for CTMFile in the Volante Technologies Connectivity Series, Fiona Hamilton and Nadish Lad look at optimising corporate treasury integration and connectivity internally & externally

In the first Volante Technologies sponsored Connectivity Series WEBchat workshops for CTMFile, Fiona Hamilton and Nadish Lad look at accelerating, simplifying setup & maintenance of corporate-to-bank connectivity.

Volante’s principal consultant explains how VolPay can help the payments industry

  • Introduction to Chris Stares
  • What are the main challenges of integrating financial messages and payment flows?
  • How does Volante go about reducing message and payments integration challenges?
  • What is the VolPay suite of Products?
  • What are the Business Benefits of VolPay and the Designer products?

Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante Technologies speaks about Volante, its products and trends and the future of financial technology

  • About Volante and the markets it serves
  • Volante Products and blockchain technology
  • Future trends in financial technology
  • People, Technology and Volante

Fiona Hamilton speaks about financial messaging trends and blockchain technology

Nadish Lad speaks about VolPay Channel, Corporate to bank payments flow on-boarding challenges and why VolPay channel can accelerate the process

Mick Fennell speaks about VolPay Hub: Accelerated message integration and payments orchestration implementations

Fiona Hamilton speaks about the pressures in today’s payments industry

  • How would you describe the environment of the payments market today?
  • What issues are banks and corporates facing?
  • What key areas should banks be focusing on?
  • What does Volante bring to the world of payments?

Neil Clarke, Market Engagement Director, Volante Technologies, speaks to Streets Consulting at the FIX Trading Community EMEA Conference 2015

Fiona Hamilton, Vice President Europe and Asia discusses the merits of the FIX standard at FIX EMEA 2015 and the on-going regulatory and compliance challenges facing customers.

Fiona Hamilton, Vice President, EMEA Operations, Volante Technologies, speaks to Finextra about a new round of research looking at market readiness for changing messaging formats and the effects it will have on the corporate customer.

Fiona Hamilton, Vice President, EMEA operations, Volante Technologies, speaks to Finextra about the issues around standards migration, technology and client demands in the payments and cards space.

Fiona Hamilton, Vice President, EMEA operations, Volante Technologies, discusses the challenges banks, corporate treasuries and other financial institutions face when migrating payments to the ISO 20022 message format.

Fiona Hamilton discusses how Volante Technologies helps customers respond to regulatory change and simplify data integration.