Welcome to the Volante Insights Newsletter

At Volante we are always busy interacting with our market place and the communities within it - be they industry events, standards bodies, our clients and prospects, and partners. We actively contribute to the debate around ideas and improvements that can be made in message standards and clever software that enables business agility and reductions in cost and time to implement change.

We created the Volante Insights newsletter so that we can share our experiences and thoughts with you, our community. We hope to inform, cause conversation and debate and maybe some learning points for all of us. We will aim to produce an edition more or less each quarter – but this will vary depending on schedules and content.

Feel free to read online in your desktop browser, mobile device or print out if you are on the move with poor mobile reception.

We hope you enjoy these publications and we are always keen to hear from you on subjects we should consider for future publications.Should you wish to contact us regarding Volante Insights, you can reach us at insights@volantetech.com