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Neil Clarke
Neil Clarke, Market Engagement Director, Volante Technologies
Open Vector’s CEO Carlos Figueredo
Open Vector’s CEO Carlos Figueredo

Realizing the benefits of Open Banking

In 2017, Volante Technologies entered into a partnership with Open Vector, the advisory firm providing open banking consultancy services to some of the world’s largest banking organizations. The partnership is designed to offer banks a joined-up approach for enablement of Open Banking – expertise in advisory and consulting on the legal and procedural aspects of Open Banking through to the agile technical enablement of the bank’s internal systems integration with Open Banking APIs. In this article, Open Vector’s CEO, Carlos Figueredo, shares some of his thoughts around a changing sentiment towards Open Banking.

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Fiona Hamilton
Fiona Hamilton, Research Director and VP Europe, Volante Technologies

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A week later, Volante was delighted to announce all its payments products are now available on Microsoft Azure’s cloud. Accessing the VolPay Suite on the cloud, means users avoid hosting on-premises, or in a datacenter and benefit from access to ‘evergreen’ technologies - taking advantage of new functionality as it becomes available immediately (rather than upgrading their software or hardware). The new partnership gives Volante’s customers added choice in how they address their payment transformation projects.

RTP / Instant Payments - A Global View

The third webinar series: RegTech

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Volante Technologies' VolPay Suite for payments

Volante Technologies was delighted to announce its VolPay Suite of Payment Products is now available on Microsoft Azure's cloud. In a video interview with Microsoft in October, Vijay Oddiraju comments on payments innovation and how having VolPay on the cloud is opening doors for Volante.

Video interview with Microsoft

Exclusive interview with Microsoft

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