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Neil Clarke, Market Engagement Director, Volante Technologies
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David Mark, Non-Executive Board member, Volante Technologies

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Over the past few months Volante was mentioned in a number of Aite Group analyst reports focusing on Payments, including:

  • The Wholesale Payments Fintech Vendor Landscape: Report summaryhere.
  • Operational and Behavioral Considerations for Corporate Real-Time Payments: Report summary here.
  • Banks’ Readiness for B2B Real-Time Payments: Report summary here.
  • Payments Hubs: What Are They and Why?: Report summary here.
  • Trade Confirmation, Affirmation, and Settlement: Showdown at the DK Corral: Report summary here.

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Carrying on with the theme of cybersecurity and cross-border payments, in May, Vikrant penned a blog for Finextra titled, what you need to know to keep your payments safe from attack. While there are increased risks for cross-border transactions, there are practical technological steps banks can take to protect their payments from outside threats. In this blog, Vikrant talks about how by working with fintech firms to implement cross-border payment systems that provide end-to-end security, banks can be secure in the knowledge that their payments will end up the right hands.

In June, Nadish Lad, Global Head of Payments Products and Vikrant Sant, payments product manager, were interviewed by PaymentEye which resulted in an article on Real-Time Payments. The theme of the article focused on the major advantages of, and blockages to, RTP implementation, and the fate of the banks.

As noted in the market update section of this newsletter, there is a growing interest within banks to increase efficiencies and competitiveness by looking to improve their payment processing systems. It is worth noting that Volante’s payments pre-processing capability works natively with APIs, distributed ledgers and Blockchain technology, making internal and external interactions seamless and in real-time. Furthermore, having an agile pre-processing capability enables banks to quickly create new propositions, offer their payments infrastructure for new use cases and to implement new channels or payments engines easily, quickly and comply with regulation.

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Deloitte Breakfast Briefing 1
Deloitte Breakfast Briefing 2

On June 20-22 Volante exhibited at SWIFT ARC in Kigali, Rwanda, where we had many great conversations around how the VolPay Suite of applications can energize payment on-boarding, processing, and distribution capabilities. Volante understands that in the ever changing digital payments age it’s important to be quicker to market and revenue than the competition.

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