• Volante Format Plug-ins further simplify the design process. They enable users of Volante Composer to design data integrations quickly without the necessity to learn the complexity of data standards and rules. Providing message libraries and related validation rules, Format Plug-ins provide built-in domain awareness of major financial industry data formats including SWIFT, FIX, FpML, EDI, Reuters, etc., as well as more generic formats such as XML, ASCII, CSV and Cobol Copybook.

  • Volante Composer sits at the core of the Volante Designer suite of integration and data management products. Volante Composer captures the message definitions and applies any validation rules transforming messages between different formats, adding any functions such as filtering and enrichment, and defining the message routing. Using a smart spread sheet-style interface, users can easily map message definitions from source to destination and build mini-applications called models or ‘cartridges’. These transform the data by using code generation to convert the message to code and direct it to its destination.

  • Volante Simulator provides safe, offline end-to-end testing for any transformation logic, integration and updates. Debugging is simplified and with sensitive messages, such as SWIFT payments, validation testing can be built in.

  • Volante Director is the metadata archive that enables a host of enterprise objectives, including data standardization, governance and advance data-driven initiatives such as SOA and data virtualization. For many of our customers, the metadata repository has been key to achieving ambitious enterprise-wide goals.

  • Volante Code Generators automatically convert Cartridge models into runtime libraries in native code for virtually any infrastructure environment (C++, C#, Java (POJO/EJB)). The generated code can also be invoked from within applications, eliminating latency and unnecessary transformation hops.

We start every client engagement by identifying the communication and business challenge the firm is seeking to address. This may be to strengthen a client relationship by building in automation, to reduce cost or minimise risk by eliminating manual processes or reconciliation activities, meet a regulatory requirement, or, all of the above.

By understanding the existing messaging infrastructure of the firm, we can identify and then apply the appropriate best practice approach.

We follow a rigorous and comprehensive approach in designing the right solution for clients; this is demonstrated in the diagram to the right.

Volante’s approach offers a compelling combination of industry experience and off-the-shelf toolsets designed to find the most effective solution to deliver a return on investment as quickly as possible.

Volante Designer is a suite of modular software tools capable of handling the most complex data integration and management challenges. From arrival, through process workflows, downstream integrations, persistence into databases, metadata-based governance, and model-based new development; each component offers a new and better way to address the challenges of data management.