Volante Composer sits at the core of the Volante Designer suite of integration and data management products.


Integrations can be time consuming and prone to errors. Using automation, organisations can jumpstart message processing application development, and bring applications to market even faster.

Volante Composer captures the message definitions and applies any validation rules transforming messages between different formats, adding any functions such as filtering and enrichment, and defining the message routing. Using a smart spreadsheet-style interface, users can easily map message definitions from source to destination and build mini-applications called models or ‘cartridges’. These transform the data by using code generation to convert the message to code and direct it to its destination.

Inside each cartridge is a metadata reference for each source and destination, the formulae to be applied or other additional functions, such as enrichment or persistence into databases. These cartridges may be implemented anywhere in the network, both inside or outside applications or process workflows.

Cartridge Metadata Model: Transformation – Normalisation – Enrichment – Validation - Message flow

A Cartridge may be deployed on a variety of message processing platforms, such as message brokers (e.g. IBM WMQI), application servers (e.g. BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere) or even converted to implementations in Java, C++ or C#. By adopting a "model-to-code" approach, customers typically save upwards of 60% in cost and time to implement data and process integrations.