WebForms are used for publishing messages to HTML forms for monitoring and management.

When transactions are originated by manual data entry – such as by asset managers or brokers – there can be an inherent risk of errors. As these errors are propagated downstream, the result can be costly manifesting themselves as rejected SWIFT messages or unsettled transactions.

Volante WebForms for Message Entry and Repair offers the capability to address the two key problems in manual entry of data messages. These are as follows:

  • Identification of these errors during messages entry through validation checks that enable the user to correct the message before sending it out.
  • Incorporation of an exception processing capability, which intercepts and enables users to repair messages before they are sent out to trading partners.

Designed to support financial messaging formats in the workflow systems of other vendors, Volante WebForms allows automatic rendering of web-based screens for wire-format messages such as those used in SWIFT or FIX.

Integrated to the orchestration capabilities of systems such as Microsoft BizTalk and Vitria BusinessWare, Volante WebForms provides end-to-end capability for message entry and repair. As a web-based system, it can easily be implemented as a hosted service, exposed to users as a single point of connectivity for various messaging requirements, such as:

  • Trade Initiation and Confirmation
  • Settlement Instructions
  • Allocations
  • Corporate Actions

Features of Volante's WebForms for Message Entry and Repair include:

  • Automated generation of the user interface, using Volante Designer for standard and customiszed message definitions
  • User-friendly field names, rather than arcane names used by message dictionaries
  • Management of complex message structures - including optional fields, repeating sections, fields with default values, etc.
  • Validation rules for input data
  • Ability to specify data enrichment rules for input data
  • Ability to persist messages to a database
  • Mapping of the user input to various formats (e.g. SWIFT, FIX), without requiring coding
  • May be deployed on a variety of infrastructure platforms
  • May be integrated with a variety of workflow and exception processing systems