Welcome to the VolPay Suite

Payments Solutions for the Digital Age

VolPay is a suite of software applications designed specifically to accelerate all aspects of payments integration, validation, enrichment, processing and orchestration.

The suite currently comprises of three software products that help financial institutions and corporate enterprises deal with the most pressing challenges in payments today:

VolPay Channel for accelerated corporate payments on-boarding

A payment pre-processing business application underpinned by VolPay Foundation that enables banks and corporate enterprises to rapidly define and execute the on-boarding of new Host to Host (H2H) file based sources of customer initiated transactions. The on-boarding process is optimized and accelerated through a streamlined managed workflow, automated generation and deployment of code, desktop test harness and simulations to verify client processing requirements, and automated generation of all the documentation necessary for technical record and client sign-off purposes … Learn more

VolPay Hub for accelerated payments orchestration and processing

A channel and payment type agnostic, centralized, configurable payments orchestration business application underpinned by VolPay Foundation. Through its best-in-class integration capabilities, VolPay Hub delivers accelerated implementation times with ongoing easy and efficient change management - critical requirements in today’s dynamic and competitive world of digital payments processing … Learn more

VolPay Gateway for accelerated clearings orchestration

VolPay Gateway is a business application that accepts payments from a single or multiple sources in different formats and protocols. It then transforms, orchestrates the entire request-response from the desired endpoints in the message format or file format stipulated by the endpoint, be they clearing venues, partner banks or SWIFT. The system can also orchestrate the responses from the endpoints and convey the appropriate status of the payment to ... Learn more

VolPay Foundation for accelerated payments integration

An application development platform comprised of a suite of modular tools designed for the expedient creation and deployment of payment data integration, validation, enrichment, processing and orchestration. It enables banks and corporate enterprises to rapidly and systematically deploy highly scalable and performant payment data processes as callable services, thus insulating core systems from the complexity of external change … Learn more

VolPay Suite

VolPay Suite in the cloud

Various deployment options increase choice and flexibility. Clients may choose any combination of VolPay products and can be licensed and deployed on premise or in the cloud. Should clients choose to subscribe to any of the VolPay Suite applications as ‘Payments as a Service’ in the cloud, Volante also offers this option thanks to its partnership with Microsoft and its Azure cloud facilities.

Always in step with your needs and changes in market standards and regulation

As with all Volante products, VolPay products can access a large and growing maintained library of hundreds of international and domestic standards plugins, transformations and processor modules. For this reason among others, VolPay software will dramatically reduce the time and cost of payment transformation projects, irrespective of which back-end system, payment engine, payment orchestration hub, or middleware infrastructure you choose.

VolPay's inherent atomic business services based on its micro services architecture, means that clients can choose to implement and use exactly the functionality they require and add more as needed.