Formats & Transformations

Volante constantly maintains a growing library of over 85 domestic and international financial message standards plugins with more than 250 associated customizable and bidirectional transformations.

Payment Formats

VolPay Channel supports an extensive range of pre-built and maintained libraries of payment message standards. These deliverables help to significantly reduce the burden of ongoing maintenance and also speed up the definition of the customer data on-boarding.

Organizations are insulated from the constant changes in standards that impact the production systems and integration with the customer.

The standards supported include:

  • ISO 20022 - SWIFT MX, SEPA, SADC, CGI-MP, local variants….
  • ISO 8583 – 1987, 1993, 2003, Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Faster Payments switches….
  • Corporate – EDIFACT, BAI2, SAP iDocs, PEXR…
  • Domestic proprietary – US, UK, JP, AU, SG, IN, CA, BR, CO, MX, DE, NL, PL, ZA,…

The range and flexibility of the formats supported extends to the underlying technical message protocols, again reducing the burden on the customer implementation team to build bespoke support for various items.

Base Formats

Fixed width, XML, Excel, HTML, CSV, ASCII, Delimited, CobolCopyBook, Word/RTF, PDF, POJO, Universal

Pre-Built Transformations

Volante provides a comprehensive library of domestic and international message standards transformations to and from ISO 20022 including SWIFT MT, Fedwire, BACS, SAP, CGI-MP,CHIPS, BAI2, ICF, BECS, CA005….