On-boarding Business Agility

VolPay Channel enables business agility through speed and flexibility

Speed because:

  • Pre-configured workflow to guide the organization through every step of the on-boarding process,
  • Analysts can design the requirements that generates the pre-processing logic
  • Documentation is auto generated enabling analysts to get timely business & customer sign-off
  • Pre-built and maintained formats , validations, transformations
  • Built-in test facilities, desktop, batch, enabling early identification of exceptions
  • Automation of compilation, deployment choices, and upgrades process
  • Comprehensive tools for the automation of the upgrading of integration logic as underlying standards and rules change

Flexibility because:

  • The same model generated code can be deployed to run in multiple environments including any middleware infrastructure, proprietary software, open source software, and/or commodity hardware
  • Extend and enhance messages and standards for local or customer variants
  • Configurable message definitions, validations, transformations, enrichments, process flows