On-boarding Implementation

Business functions requiring optimized H2H file data integration

  • H2H file channels
  • Corporate Online banking
  • Branch file upload
  • Head office with multiple subsidiaries
  • Reconciliation engines
  • Internal Clearing hubs
  • Risk reporting engines
  • Centralized Corporate Treasuries
  • ACH systems
  • Cloud based processing

The VolPay Channel experience: On-Boarding a customer to the H2H Channel

Using VolPay Channel in a typical H2H customer to bank on-boarding project would involve executing the following steps:

  1. The bank’s customer implementation team use VC tooling on the customer site to define and configure the process with the customer
  2. All configuration is guided by the on-boarding management console workflow within VolPay Channel
  3. The implementation team selects and configures the appropriate data maps to generate correctly transformed message inflows
  4. VolPay Channel automatically generates the necessary execution objects
  5. VolPay Channel automates test simulations using sample files
  6. VolPay Channel auto-generates documents to gain customer sign-off
  7. VolPay Channel automatically deploys tested execution objects to production environment to complete the customer on-boarding process

The result is a streamlined and guide customer H2H on-boarding experience which takes considerably less time and cost than traditional project based approaches.

The end result? … A much faster time to revenue.