On-boarding Services

Operational Services

Operations staff are provided with online access to all customer definition and transactional data:

  • Customer Setup – workflow enabled onboarding of file and data sources, definition of customer specific processing rules
  • Search – interactive enquiry, lookups against transaction messages
  • Exceptions – manage identified exceptions, failed validations, business rules
  • Reporting – setup reports, configure scheduling, parameters
  • Admin – internal user setup, authorizations, access control

Core Processing Services

Key import and export transaction processes are configured and applied according to user defined business rules:

  • File Validation – application of pre-defined rules and identification of exceptions
  • Data validation – payments standards, trade, securities
  • Transformation – formatting for destination systems, wide range of standards supported
  • Business rules – configure processing rules, by customer, transaction type, date, amount and many more rules.
  • Tracking – monitoring of transactions with alerts
  • Approval – configurable approvals of transactions according to business rules
  • Warehousing – post-dated transactions to be held until internal processing is required
  • Notifications – outgoing customer advices, confirmations, updates

Configuration Services

Model based tooling supports the configuration of core processes:

  • Message Services – definitions, standards, mappings
  • Formats – pre-built message libraries, automated updates
  • Orchestration – definition of process flows, configuration of functions
  • Testing – desktop simulation, test data generation, test manager
  • Publisher – automated generation of Message Implementation Guides, system configurations