What is VolPay Channel?

VolPay Channel is a configurable processing engine that enables banks and corporates to rapidly define the on-boarding of new file based sources of customer initiated transactions.

The complexity of the on-boarding process is simplified through a managed workflow with easy definition of business rules, data transformations, validations, enrichments, and orchestrations.

The solution optimizes the entire on-boarding process through automated generation and deployment of code, desktop test harnesses and simulations, and automated generation of documentation.

VolPay Channel is a Host to host (H2H) pre-processing engine. It is an application centric solution requiring configuration rather than programming to define and implement customer on-boarding and transaction pre-processing activities. VolPay Channel guides the bank’s implementation team through a structured and streamlined on-boarding approach.

VolPay Channel is implemented as a key component of an organization’s channel architecture. It has the ability to pre-process incoming and outgoing data for any channel, but is of particular value to the H2H channel by providing managed processes for file based data.

VolPay Channel

The optimization of on-boarding and pre-processing activities is at the heart of VolPay Channel, and these activities include:

  • Definition of the customer and their preferences
  • Definition of the customer file processing profile
  • Definition of the incoming and outgoing format preferences
  • Definition of the data transformation logic to the destination system format
  • Definition of pre-processing functions including:
    • Data validations – technical & business
    • Exceptions reporting
    • Workflow
    • Business rules
    • Approvals
    • Enrichments
  • Automated generation and deployment of the object code
  • Test harness to simulate and automate testing on the desktop
  • Automated generation of customer and operations documentation
  • Management Information reporting