Optimizing the Development & Deployment lifecycle

VolPay Foundation accelerates each stage of the development lifecycle for payment data integration which includes the validation, transformation, enrichment, orchestration, and processing of payment specific data. This significantly reduces the time to market for developments and, ultimately, the earlier launching of new services and quicker time to revenue.

  • Design - meta model based collaboration that captures the detailed specification of formats, validations, transformation rules, etc.
  • Compose - build complex functions through configuration, graphically design message flows
  • Test - run simulations from the desktop, on the fly testing, test data generation
  • Deploy - automated compilation and deployment into multiple environments, reuse of standardized code across different platforms
  • Document - automated generation of detailed documentation, ability to share with customers to align understanding
  • Run - provision of standards updates and automated upgrades, ability to adjust on the fly and support multiple entities