What is VolPay Foundation?

VolPay Foundation is a development platform consisting of a suite of modular tools designed for the expedient creation and deployment of payment data integrations.

It enables banks and corporates to rapidly deploy highly scalable and performant payment data transformations, validations, enrichments, orchestrations, and processes as callable services anywhere within their environment, thus insulating core systems from constant change and message complexity.

VolPay Foundation’s core components are proven through their production use by more than 80 diverse financial institutions and corporates around the globe over several years.

VolPay Foundation

Composer - At the heart of the VolPay Foundation suite is the time proven Volante Composer technology. This graphical development tool supports the definition of metadata models containing:

  • Message definitions
  • Message validations
  • Message transformations
  • Message enrichments
  • Message orchestrations

Deployment - flexible code generation options to automate deployment to ESBs, OSGi systems, cloud, to application servers and API based calls from applications.

Persistence - define data stores for exception management, tracking, reporting, auditing, etc.

Publisher - automated generation of documentation detailing all aspects of the implementation including Message Implementation Guides.

Simulator - desktop testing functions, full test manager, test data generation.

Bulk File Handling - bulk, un-bulk, sort, filter, aggregate, join, normalize, de-duplicate, reformat.