VolPay Gateway

Accelerated Clearings Orchestration

The world is shrinking and payments are going global. Corporates and even small medium enterprises are now making more international payments supporting activities in import/export, subsidiaries and partnerships to name but a few. At the same time, they are looking to consolidate the number of banking relationships they have. For this reason banks need to work hard to remain competitive and grow by providing its commercial and corporate customers the global reach they demand – or lose out on the business that could be had. Banks both global and regional, work to provide such services in different ways and in each of these, lay a multitude of ongoing challenges and problems to overcome and solve.

Volante’s VolPay Gateway Business Application is specifically designed to overcome the multitude of challenges and obstacles that prevent both local and global banks from gaining the business agility they need to remain competitive and grow in the highly competitive market of payments services for corporate enterprises. It addresses the problems faced in the business models of both global banks and local or regional banks.

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