Clearings functionality

VolPay Gateway product features

  • Endpoint Profiles – Out-of-the-box clearings including transformations, with the ability to create new ones
  • Endpoint validations – Includes cut-offs, amount thresholds, scheme validations and country specific validations
  • Bulking Profiles – Preferences for bulking into files e.g. time or volume based
  • Confirmations framework – Manage and reconcile the responses returned from clearings and/or partners for single payments or file based confirmations
  • Input Channels – Ability to define input sources and/or systems with their incoming formats and preferences for responses
  • Routing rules – Can be set if needed to make routing decisions to the endpoints
  • Process Orchestration – Ability to configure additional processes e.g. Liquidity check or Accounting
  • Full Audit – Detailed audit trail and drill-down of all activities within the system
  • ISO Canonical model – Core canonical capabilities to handle all clearings
  • HTML 5 Angular JS UI – Can be used on smart portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets
  • API enabled – Access to a growing library of more than 300 API calls, including the UI which communicates with the core system using APIs
  • Entitlements engine – Ability to define roles and users to manage access permissions to the various system elements

Compatibility and connection options

  • Input and Output protocols – API’s MQ, Files, Service Calls, and more
  • Operating system – VolPay Gateway, as all VolPay Suite products is infrastructure agnostic