What is VolPay Gateway?

VolPay Gateway is a business application that accepts payments from a single or multiple sources in different formats and protocols. It then transforms, orchestrates the entire request-response from the desired endpoints in the message format or file format stipulated by the endpoint, be they clearing venues, partner banks or SWIFT. The system can also orchestrate the responses from the endpoints and convey the appropriate status of the payment to the sending systems. Through configuration, VolPay Gateway can handle additional processes before sending the payment to the desired destination e.g. liquidity control check or handle incoming payments.

VolPay Gateway hub

VolPay Gateway ensures the bank’s core payments hub, whether their own or Volante’s VolPay Hub, remains completely independent or neutral of any clearing or partner bank through which it would want to clear the payment through. In essence, through the use of ‘Plug and Play’ and configuration, banks can complete payment lifecycles with any endpoint with speed and ease.