VolPay Hub:

Supporting the Payments Processing Business

VolPay Hub is a payment hub solution for:

  • Small to medium sized organizations needing a payment hub solution where shorter implementation time frames and lower costs of implementation and ongoing maintenance are key requirements
  • Larger organizations with existing major payment system implementations requiring a supporting hub to handle new specialist digital payments processing offering improved time to market and greater flexibility
  • Organizations where leading channel and source integration agility is key to the success of a new digital payment hub
  • Organizations seeking a digital payments orchestration engine to run within an existing or new user application or engagement platform

VolPay Hub supports the business by delivering:

  • Dramatically increased speed of payment channel integration, process orchestration, and internal systems integration
  • Speed and flexibility of setup of new payment flows
  • Insulation of core payments processing systems from the complexities of external change
  • Time proven integration technology, performant, scalable, and reliable

Business Benefits of VolPay Hub

  • Faster ‘ready for business’ state for new payment channels, new payment flow definitions, new payment orchestrations
  • Less disconnect between business departments and IT for new product/service strategy deployments
  • Significantly reduced dependency on external system vendors and other external factors impinging on timely implementations and ongoing changes
  • Increased business led processes, with less pressure on technology for new payment channels on-boarding and service deployments