VolPay Hub: RTP Suite

Accelerated Real-Time Payments Integration

As a part of Volante’s VolPay Suite of payments products, the VolPay Hub: RTP Suite consists of the highly resilient and scalable VolPay Hub product specifically configured to handle all aspects of Real-time Payments (RTP). It is cloud enabled and is platform-agnostic, allowing end-to-end payment processing and rapid integration to any third-party or
in-house system. It orchestrates end-to-end payment flows by interacting with back-office, payments, sanctions, risk, accounting and any required in-house or external system. It processes the real-time payments through the integrated RTP Processor Modules within the application, within the required SLAs quickly and seamlessly.

In addition to supporting the complete handling and execution of payment messages, the application also supports advices, notifications, and administrative messages. It can be ‘white labeled’ for direct participants to expose it to indirect participants as a service.

Volante Technologies is committed to supporting RTP globally. To this end VolPay Hub: RTP Suite, along with its core management control console, includes an ever growing library of extendable RTP processor modules for each RTP scheme as they become available. As new RTP schemes emerge in the global RTP initiative, Volante will release supporting RTP processor modules to implement the new schemes in the same core application. Thus the VolPay Hub: RTP Suite is a solution enabling banks to adopt RTP initiatives across the globe.

Differentiating factors compared to alternative solutions include:

  • Modularity – Volante provides a growing and maintained library of 100+ domestic and international standards plugins and RTP processor modules for real-time payment infrastructures such as the TCH RTP in the US, United Kingdom’s FPS, Singapore’s FAST-G3 System and more as they emerge. The same framework can be replicated across different geographies by simply adding the relevant plugins and/or RTP processor modules as needed. Additionally, through its flexible configuration capability and modularity, the VolPay Hub: RTP Suite ensures that all required processing and orchestration requirements are met quickly and easily.
  • Reduced Cost of Change through speed and flexibility – The VolPay Hub: RTP Suite is built using the highly resilient, scalable time-proven Volante Designer at its core. This means accelerated completion of projects through advanced visual modeling, configurable domain interfaces and business rules, automated code and documentation generation and testing with its inbuilt testing harness.
  • Technology – The solution is cloud enabled and infrastructure-agnostic with Payment API’s for easy integration and provides hundreds of REST API’s, making communications between the bank’s systems and the solution seamless, establishing a platform for a Next Generation payment ecosystem.
  • Entity Model – The solution provides an easily configurable mechanism to on-board new channels and origination sources using the market leading transformation capabilities of Volante. This means that legacy channels, sources and formats can be easily accommodated by the VolPay Hub: RTP Suite.
VolPay Hub RTP