What is VolPay Hub?

VolPay Hub is a centralizing payments orchestration engine for the digital payments age. Through open, configurable adapters any payment type, from any source or channel can be acquired and processed by the system.

VolPay Hub enables the rapid standardization of processes and workflows, applying business defined rules to control and manage the flow of payment transactions inside the organization from acquisition to delivery.

The application is a configurable, centralized, digital payment process orchestration application. It simplifies the mechanism for on-boarding new payment flows and then enables the execution of the necessary technical and functional activities to successfully and efficiently complete the lifecycle of any payment transaction.

The strength of the system is based on its ability to rapidly:

  • Normalize the data – market leading digital payment integration facilities including data parsing, validating, mapping, and enrichment
  • Standardize the process – rules driven execution of workflows based on market and customer best practice
  • Reduce the costs – while gaining speed of change, speed of deployment, flexibility of configuration, support for open source stack, support for local and international standards, etc.
VolPay Hub

VolPay Hub Product Features:

  • Extensive message standards and transformations libraries for payment data on-boarding
  • Extensive support for technical integration with internal systems
  • Configurable interfaces to: Enrichment, OFAC/AML, FX, Funds check, Billing, Accounting
  • Browser based dashboard for transaction monitoring & enquiries
  • Exception handling and repairs
  • Configure 4/6 eye verification
  • Orchestration configuration console
  • Business rule definition
  • Warehousing of future dated payments
  • Alerts and notifications management
  • Auditing and management information reporting
  • Static and dynamic reference data interfaces: Accuity, SWIFTRef, Membership Directories, FX Rate Sheet
  • Static data maintenance access to: Calendars, Currencies, Countries
  • System administration & entitlements management