Volante Fedwire as a Service

Volante Fedwire as a Service

Fedwire as a Service


of wire value processed by a Volante customer in a single day

A healthy wire operation is the heart of any financial institution’s payments business. Errors in processing – downtime, delays, duplicates and lost payments – cost money, and erode client trust.

The wires landscape is shifting. Banks need to provide resilient wire services in the face of increasing volumes and demanding SLAs. They must also be ready for the future of wires: 24x7x365 settlement and ISO 20022 messaging.

Legacy systems cannot meet the demand. Fortunately, Volante offers a new approach – wire processing as a service in the cloud. Our service lowers costs, accelerates time to value, and delivers the resiliency you and your customers need.

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Volante Fedwire as a Service

End-to-end processing of wires from corporate initiation through to direct clearing and settlement connectivity to the Federal Reserve Funds Service, delivered as a managed service in the cloud

Volante Fedwire as a Service


  • No more missed, delayed, or duplicated payments
  • Industry-first active-active-active deployment: zero RTO, zero RPO
  • Scalable, benchmarked to 1000+ transactions per second


  • Dual Fed connections (live+standby) for business continuity
  • Easy to integrate with bank core and peripheral systems
  • Secure cloud environment, all data owned by bank


  • Rapid implementation, 60 days or less
  • Pay as you go based on volume, minimal upfront cost
  • Reduce TCO by 40%
  • Shift capex to opex


  • Accelerate time to value by adding other available payment types such as ACH, The Clearing House RTP®, and SWIFT 
  • ISO 20022 fluent, ready for Fedwire message format migration
  • 24x7x365 operation for extended settlement hours

Why Volante?

Technology is increasingly providing financial institutions with a competitive edge, and we are thrilled Volante is bringing the VolPay Suite to Microsoft Azure offering our mutual clients flexibility and choice. Having Volante Technologies on-board delivers significant advantages to clients who are looking to optimize the use of cloud technologies and benefit from a reduction in hardware and software costs.

Janet Lewis, Vice President of Worldwide Financial Services Microsoft

Typical cost savings when adopting Volante’s cloud-based payments as a service