Financial Message Automation


Messages per year transmitted through just one network, SWIFT, in 2020

Messages and data are the heart of financial services. Payments, capital markets, treasury, trade and other financial businesses generate trillions of messages and terabytes of data every day as they take digital transformation to the next level.

Messaging technology needs to keep up. ISO 20022 is just the start. API banking, data lake integration, regulatory reporting, real-time transaction processing and the move to cloud demand a new approach to messaging.

Accelerate modernization by automating financial messaging with Volante. For two decades, we’ve been helping the world’s largest banks, payment services providers, market infrastructures, buy and sell side firms, and exchanges simplify complexity in financial messaging.


Average customer savings in cost and time using Volante’s financial messaging automation technology

Volante Designer for Financial Messaging Automation

A digital transformation platform designed for the integration, processing and automation of messages and data in all areas of financial services

Unique Features

  • Model-driven, zero-code approach
  • Domain awareness of financial messaging formats
  • Automatic documentation generation
  • Visually defined message flows and exception processing
  • Enables legacy systems to participate in real-time and API ecosystems

Business Benefits

  • Faster time to market for development projects
  • Faster time to regulatory reporting compliance
  • Accelerated adoption of new technology
  • Non-technical users can define processing rules
  • Reduce time and cost of onboarding customer flows


  • Payments
  • Post-Trade
  • OTC Derivatives
  • Market, Trade and Reference Data
  • Trade Services
  • Regulatory Reporting

Volante Designer

Powering digital transformation in financial services with the world’s most advanced financial message translation, orchestration, and integration platform.

Customer Success

As financial messaging standards change consistently, it is essential we maintain agility and thought leadership throughout the industry. It is therefore vital that we are provided with solutions that ensure data quality, improve operational efficiencies and prepare for future developments.

CIO, LCH.ClearNet

ISO 20022 Spotlight

The migration to ISO 20022 is driving adoption of next-generation messaging technologies everywhere in financial services. To learn more, visit the ISO 20022 Migration Solutions Center.

Over 90 organizations worldwide use Volante for mission-critical business information, data integration, and financial message translation and transformation challenges

Retail Banks | Commercial Banks | Investment Banks | Custodians | Broker-Dealers | Asset Managers | Market Infrastructures | Card Networks | Buy-Side | Sell-Side | Payment Service Providers | Corporations

Capital Markets integration

Rapidly integrate any financial message standard including FIX, FpML, Omgeo, SWIFT, ISO 15022, ISO 20022, ITCH/OUTCH and more.

Benefits of Working with Volante

Data Lakes

Pre-validate data semantically and syntactically before insertion into a data lake or canonical model, and service data usage

STP Improvement

Increase business processing speed and efficiency by seamlessly integrating front, middle and back office silos

Cash Leg Visibility

Improve settlement visibility and collateral management by creating dashboards and integrations to equities, fixed income, derivatives and other silo systems

Buy-Side Customer Enablement

Provide business transaction visibility to corporate, investment and pension fund customers through API technology

Buy-Side Onboarding

Accelerate onboarding of sell-side trade instructions, allocations/affirmations and settlement

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