NACHA Payments 2017 Day One

NACHA Payments 2017 Day One

NACHA Payments 2017 Day One

It was a great first day of exhibiting here at PAYMENTS. The exhibit hall was buzzing with productive conversations and thoughtful debates—thank you to everyone who stopped by to say “hello.”

If you missed us Monday, be sure to stop by booth 401 on Tuesday. We have special gifts and drawings for those who visit us—you don’t want to miss it!

We’d also like to thank those who attended our Global Head of Payments Nadish Lad’s session at the Executive Forum, alongside BNY Mellon’s VP, Senior Product Manager Carl Slabicki.

Throughout the conference, there are also many talks and panels around the payments ecosystem, and we had the chance to attend a few of these sessions…

Why Corporate Customers Demand Faster Payments

This advanced session included experts from The Clearing House, BNY Mellon and Verizon, who discussed the value of faster payments and the drivers for why corporate customers are going to increasingly demand this as an option in the coming months (and years).

As discussed in the session, a faster payments system has value in that it becomes about more than just sending money—it becomes a communication channel for those using it.

This will gain more traction as early adopter banks continue to work with The Clearing House to provide participants with the ability to send and receive immediate payments and messages 24/7.

The session also explored other business segments, and explored how financial institutions can adapt to changing demands.

Special thanks to Jim Colassano of The Clearing House, Carl Slabicki of BNY Mellon and Charles Ellert of Verizon for a great and informative session!

Together at Last…Blockchain & Same Day ACH: A Real Story

The Faster Payments Zone was standing room only for this session on a real-life case of implementing blockchain technology. Ranay Allred of Star One Credit Union went into detail on how the company managed to implement an international payments mechanism using blockchain and same day ACH, with discussions from Nilesh Dusane of Ripple and Jorge Jimenez of

As mentioned in the session, this is the first-ever case of a blockchain cross-border transaction from a Credit Union, Ripple and eZforex, and it was interesting to hear about the lessons learned, and how other companies can explore distributed ledger technology.

We’re looking forward to a successful second day of PAYMENTS 2017, and hope to see you at booth 401 for more giveaways and more conversations around payments systems.

As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and to join the conversation at PAYMENTS with our handle, @volantetech. Did you have a favorite session or topic from day one? Be sure to let us know!