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At Volante we are always busy interacting with our market place and the communities within it - be they industry events, standards bodies, our clients and prospects, and partners. We actively contribute to the debate around ideas and improvements that can be made in message standards and clever software that enables business agility and reductions in cost and time to implement change.

We created the Volante Insights newsletter so that we can share our experiences and thoughts with you, our community. We hope to inform, cause conversation and debate and maybe some learning points for all of us. We will aim to produce an edition more or less each quarter – but this will vary depending on schedules and content.

Feel free to read online in your desktop browser, mobile device or print out if you are on the move with poor mobile reception.

We hope you enjoy these publications and we are always keen to hear from you on subjects we should consider for future publications.Should you wish to contact us regarding Volante Insights, you can reach us at insights@volantetech.com


Issue 9

Volante Insights May 2019
Over the past few months we have seen a real shift in the industry’s move towards the cloud, particularly for critical applications such as payments. We welcome this move, as we are committed to providing end-to-end payments processing on the cloud, which gives our clients the agility and flexibility required to concentrate on remaining competitive in this digital age and better serve their end customers with new experiences.


Issue 8

Volante Insights January 2019
As we speed into 2019 while reflecting upon our achievements in 2018, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, partners and our talented teams across the globe for what has been a very successful year for Volante. Several clients have chosen Volante as a trusted partner in their digital transformation journey of payment processing, and to highlight just one of our key strategic initiatives, we launched our 'Payments as a Service' on the cloud with our first client.

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Issue 7

Volante Insights August 2018
As we come out of the summer, it’s interesting to see how the market has evolved and adapted to new regulations and changing technologies, in particular to PSD2 and open banking, which is explored in our regular market update.

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Issue 6

Volante Insights March 2018
In our latest newsletter we are delighted to feature a guest article from Open Vector discussing the current state of Open Banking.

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Issue 5

Volante Insights September 2017
In this particular edition of Volante Insights, we are extremely delighted to feature a guest article from BIVA - the first new stock exchange in Mexico in 105 years.


Issue 4

Volante Insights May 2017
Accelerating payment and financial message integration, processing and orchestration capabilities across our clients’ infrastructures continues to be Volante’s core focus and we remain committed to helping our clients adapt to changing regulation, emerging payment initiatives and evolving business requirements.

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Issue 3

Volante Insights December 2016
The past quarter has proved to be one of our busiest to date. We’ve forged new global partnerships, welcomed new clients, met with industry analysts, spoken to many publications, and been invited as speakers to industry events.

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Issue 2

Volante Insights July 2016
Since our March newsletter we have continued to experience growing demand for both our VolPay suite of payments products and Volante Designer as firms face the challenges around integration, customer payments on-boarding, processing and orchestration.

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Issue 1

Volante Insights March 2016
The aim of our newsletters is to provide insights into some of the key issues and trends affecting our industry, update you on our products and initiatives and highlight some of our activities and client news.