Payments transformation has already begun in the Nordics

Payments modernization is heating up. Real-time and SEPA instant payments are already live and present Nordic banks with an opportunity to offer a better experience for their customers, while the looming ISO 20022 deadline creates a sense of urgency and opportunity to leverage enriched data. When you add the upcoming introduction of P27 unified cross-border payments to the mix, the landscape in the Nordics is ripe for modernization.  

Banks need to move quickly to take advantage of the opportunity. This is the crucial moment for Nordic banks to take an honest inventory of their existing payments technology and assess whether they’re ready for the upcoming disruption. Banks that don’t differentiate themselves now risk losing customers to more innovative competitors.

The future is real-time. 10 years ago, it was hard to predict the changes that are occurring now, and much of the technology banks currently use is outdated and inefficient. What’s needed to stay competitive well into the future is technology that is real-time-native, 24/7/365, and able to rapidly deliver value-added services such as Request to Pay.

As a leading provider of payments technology in Europe and the Americas, we can help you deliver that and more. Our VolPay payments solution is:

  • Future proof – easily configurable to meet shifting needs
  • Scalable – it can adapt to the growing size of your payments business
  • ISO 20022 native – inherently capable of making use of enriched data
  • Adaptable – new capabilities fit seamlessly with existing technology
  • Flexible – on premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment available 
  • Easily extensible to other rails

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