Webinar: Boosting Payment System Resiliency Through Real-time Payments

As Real-time payments (RTP) continue their ascent as the key factor to unlocking digital payment experiences for banks and their customers, European banks still have their work cut out for them if they want to reap the benefits. Not only do banks have to grapple with multiple infrastructure providers, but their legacy systems cannot operate in real time 24/7/365. The Covid-19 crisis has only magnified these inefficiencies and put the resiliency of global supply chains to the test. 

This webinar, which was broadcast live on the 21st July 2020 and features speakers from Poste Italiane, Nets, Volante Technologies, and Lipis Advisors, explores the resiliency benefits that RTP brings and how European banks can unlock these benefits without sacrificing their existing business or undergoing a full-scale IT overhaul:

• Challenges banks face in enabling always-on, 24/7/365 payments for their customers

• Pain points for corporates and how RTP can help address them

• Key considerations for banks in connecting to RTP infrastructures and integrating RTP functionality internally

• How the resiliency of real-time payment systems supports the overall health of domestic and global supply chains


  • Guido Crozzoli, Chief Information Officer, Poste Italiane
  • Paul Francis Walvik-Joynt, Senior Vice President Payments International Sales and Business Development, Nets Group
  • Vinay Prabhakar, VP Product Marketing, Volante Technologies
  • Leo Lipis, Managing Director, Lipis Advisors 
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