News from SIBOS: Volante provides solution for MT-MX Coexistence on BizTalk Server 2010

Supporting payments, cash management and all other SWIFT messaging, integrating legacy messaging with the latest SWIFT standard

Osaka, October 29 2012 – Volante Technologies, provider of integration technology for business information agility, today announced availability of SWIFT MT-MX Coexistence solution for Microsoft BizTalk 2010. With state-of-the-art SWIFT messaging management, Volante’s MT-MX solution easily solves the technical and information-management challenges presented by integration of old and new SWIFT message standards.

While the newer SWIFT MX messaging standard offers notable benefits – greater specialization, better STP, and broad adoption by corporates, banks, clearing houses and utilities – many corporate treasuries and financial institutions are still dependent on legacy systems which generate SWIFT messages in the older MT (FIN) standard. The Volante MT-MX Coexistence enables these firms and their SWIFT correspondents to easily translate MT to MX messages and vice versa, while managing the differential in message content for optimal data management and on-going correspondence. Because Volante’s MT-MX solution also supports messaging customization, it removes communication obstacles between correspondents with variant messaging.

“Our MT-MX solution is virtually the industry standard around the world, because of the strong advantages it incorporates – flawless message validation, data management that exploits the best characteristics of MX in a FIN environment, robust and fast runtime, and our famously easy development tools,” said Vijay Oddiraju CEO of Volante. “For BizTalk users, these advantages extend into Volante’s ability to offer a full range of SWIFT messaging types and standards that extend BizTalk’s integration facility into every type of financial transaction.”

Volante’s MT-MX solution is built using Volante Designer – a powerful desktop productivity tool which supports all standard message types in business domains such as payments, trade processing, clearing and settlement, OTC derivatives, and market data. Volante Code Generators produce native C# code for BizTalk Server. The runtime libraries are seamlessly integrated for optimal BizTalk performance.

“We are delighted to recognize Volante’s support of Microsoft BizTalk, and to offer this option to BizTalk users looking for Volante’s well-known integration technology,” said (name, title) of Microsoft. “It is a pleasure to work with a Microsoft partner with such a notable track record of successful implementation across many business domains in financial services.”

Volante is a SWIFT-certified provider of Messaging Data Services, the most advanced certification for SWIFT messaging integration. For more information about the MT-MX Coexistence solution for BizTalk, contact Volante at