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Rand in economic benefits expected from real-time payments in South Africa

South Africa is a fast-growing digital payments economy. Anywhere between 70% – 90% of payments in the region are still cash-based. There is clear opportunity for real-time payments, modernised high value payments, and ISO 20022 to accelerate the growth of electronic payments.

Modern payments require modern payments technology. Legacy systems cannot deliver the speed of real-time payments, the data handling required by ISO 20022, or the multi-network capabilities of modern cross-border payments services. To innovate in cashless payments, South African banks must embrace payments modernisation.

Volante can help. Our modern cloud-native payments solutions are real-time, ISO 20022-fluent, 24×7 available, and API-ready. They will scale to meet the demands of South African payments, now and into the future. 

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Webinar: Payments Modernisation in South Africa

Nedbank, Cyan EA, and Volante Technologies explore:

  • The importance of ISO 20022 migration planning
  • Innovation through real-time overlay services like Request To Pay
  • Improving cross-border payment customer experience
  • How Payments as a Service in the cloud can drive superior results

Volante South Africa Payment Solutions

Solutions for South African domestic and cross-border payments, real-time payments, ISO 20022 migration, and corporate to bank integration, as a service in our cloud or yours

Instant Payments

Deploy new 24×7 instant value-added services and manage liquidity in real-time with the technology that delivered the first US real-time payment and the first Saudi real-time payment

ISO 20022 Migration

VolPay for ISO 20022 Migration addresses the challenges of multiple migrations, including SWIFT and TARGET2, and reap the benefits of rich data, without requiring changes to legacy systems 

Domestic and Cross-border

One cloud-native, API-based solution for all your cross-border payment clearing and settlement needs, from traditional SWIFT to gpi and other next-generation alternatives

Corporate to Bank Automation

Accelerate corporate onboarding and simplify corporate to bank integration with hundreds of inbuilt libraries and APIs for corporate payment and acknowledgement formats, without custom development

Why Volante?

NedBank has transformed its payments infrastructure with Volante, to ensure the highest levels of processing agility while accelerating Nedbank’s support for new clearing standards and digital payment service

VolPay as a Service for our SEPA Payments provides us with an opportunity to switch provider rapidly and cost effectively. The combination of the rich Volante Payments as a Service functionality and its flexibility to integrate with platforms without the need to build additional infrastructure, is an ideal value proposition.

Gilbert Coleiro, CIO, FIMBank
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