VolPay™ Beneficiary Pay Link

VolPay™ Beneficiary Pay Link

Beneficiary Pay Link

Consumers and businesses today can receive payments in so many ways. Via an email address or a phone number. A mobile app. A digital currency wallet. Even cash at an ATM or collection kiosk.

Yet corporate electronic payment methods still require payee bank account details, with checks the only alternative.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for banks to provide payables services that let corporations pay any consumer or business, whatever their s preferred payment method. It’s time for VolPay Beneficiary Pay Link.

VolPay Beneficiary Pay Link

Lets banks easily extend their payables services, through an innovative beneficiary portal that enables payees to select their preferred payment method and receive funds they way they want them.

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Benefits for Banks

  • Offer an innovative new service to your corporate customers
  • Incorporate real-time / instant payment capabilities as a value-add
  • Extend your brand to new markets and demographics
  • Reduce fraud
  • Improve payment security
  • Capture additional FX revenue
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Benefits for Corporate Payers

  • Pay any business or consumer, using their email, phone number, or alternative token
  • Comply easily with privacy/GDPR rules–no bank details need to be stored
  • Improve liquidity and working capital management
  • Improve the refund experience for customers
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Benefits for Payees

  • Control the receipt process by self-registering preferred payment methods
  • Receive funds rapidly–in a bank account, a digital wallet, or even a cash collection point, in any currency
  • Control release of personal financial data

VolPay Beneficiary Pay Link helps solve long-standing payables problems in many industries:

"Proof of life" for insurance companies
Reimbursements by utility companies, health care providers, retailers
Manufacturer refunds and rebates
Government tax payments
One-time Payments

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