VolPay™ Omnichannel Preprocessing

VolPay™ Omnichannel Preprocessing

Omnichannel Preprocessing

7 of 10 Senior payments executives say inflexible legacy systems are the #1 reason preventing their organizations from realizing the potential of next-generation payments services

The imperative to modernize is clear. Open banking, competition from challengers and non-bank service providers, ISO 20022, and new clearing and settlement options are reshaping the payments business landscape.

What’s holding banks back? Legacy payment systems can’t keep up with demand. And the rip-and-replace approach of traditional payment hubs is too slow and expensive to be a viable option.

VolPay Omnichannel Preprocessing offers a smart alternative. It’s the fastest way to deploy the most modern payments technology to meet market demand, while simplifying complexity and insulating existing systems from change.

Learn more about approaches to modernizing and transforming payments infrastructures while preserving legacy systems - watch the video.

VolPay Omnichannel Preprocessing

An intelligent preprocessing solution that mediates between multiple bank channels, including open API channels, to capture and preprocess payments while retaining existing systems for final execution.

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  • New open API access methods
  • ISO 20022 to maximize the information that travels with the payment
  • Alternate payment methods - digital wallets, cryptocurrency, tokenized payments
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  • Eliminate point to point connections between channels and payment systems
  • Standardize validations across channels and processing systems
  • Reduce duplication in processing steps
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  • Customer experience, by providing real-time status reporting
  • Customer service, by tailoring routing options and cutoff by customer context
  • STP (Straight-Through Processing), by eliminating errors and enriching payments before they reach legacy systems
VolPay Global Validation Services

VolPay Global Validation Services

A single global API platform for creating and validating payment instructions at every stage of the payment lifecycle, from capture to clearing

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