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70% Acceleration in time to market from six months to eight weeks for a leading transaction bank

Payments transformation programs are in full flight. Open banking API requirements, new real-time and cross-border schemes, and market demands for digital innovation are forcing banks to re-imagine their payments infrastructure.

Progress is slow. Payments projects famously run over budget and behind schedule. This is because the complexity of integration is underestimated, and the right tools are not deployed.

VolPay's built-in payments integration acceleration platform reduces the cost, complexity and time of integration in payments transformation, allowing banks to focus their resources on what’s most important: their business and their customers.


Decrease in project cost for one of the largest US asset managers, with VolPay

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  • Data validation and translation
  • Format mapping
  • Message enrichment and orchestration
  • Communications Protocols
  • Integration with core banking, legacy payment systems and other systems of record
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  • Insulate core systems from the complexity of change
  • Rapidly integrate new channels
  • Lower risk of non-compliance
  • Build your own integration services or incorporate third-party services
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  • Time to onboard new customers
  • Time to deploy new clearings
  • Burden of managing multiple formats
  • Cost and time of implementation
  • Time and effort on interface documentation and testing

Customer Success

We have every confidence that we will meet our customers’ ongoing demands for new products and services quickly and efficiently, while also remaining compliant with new regulation.

Glenn Smith, NedBank
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100+Out-of-the-box message standards and libraries

SWIFT MT, MX, FileAct | ISO20022, ISO8583 | EDI | over 50 domestic ACH and RTGS formats | ERP and treasury adaptors | Securities | Forex - CLS | Trade Finance | Reference Data | Canonical Model

Zero CodeThe secret to our ability to accelerate payments integration? Zero code.

Even the most complex integration components can be developed and delivered using GUI design-based configuration which auto-generates code, documentation, and test scripts.


In-built, maintained, and continuously growing

300+Integration APIs

Access integration services from anywhere in your environment, or partner environments

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Want to look under the hood at the technology powering VolPay’s integration acceleration platform? That's Volante Designer.

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