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Effective Preprocessing: The Path to Faster Payments Modernization

This new white paper by Datos Insights explores some of the challenges financial institutions face when receiving payments in different messaging formats and standards, and how identifying, validating, transforming, and routing payments is tremendously time-consuming, costly, and fraught with risk. By converging payments on a unified system, banks can realize a number of benefits that improve payments operations and ultimately customer service and experience

This white paper explores the key capabilities and benefits of preprocessing.

Key capabilities include:

●      Modernizes payments systems by enhancing your existing infrastructure

●      Accepts a broad set of file formats and provides transformation capabilities

●      Integrates with the latest APIs and is ISO 20022 ready

●      Lowers the barrier for business customers to adopt new payment channels

●      Provides intelligent routing options at least cost, fastest routing, and customer and account preferences

Download the complimentary white paper.