The Paytech Show: APIs Can Be the Key to Seamless Onboarding and Fraud Prevention

Join Nadish Lad, Global Head of Product at Volante, alongside Stacey Wilkinson, API Growth Manager at NatWest, as they feature on The Paytech Show from Fintech Finance. This episode delves into the influence of accessible APIs on innovation and fraud prevention, exploring their transformative potential.

Recorded at Sibos 2023 in Toronto, the discussion touches on the role of Digital Identification in streamlining payment processes and NatWest’s pioneering technology for seamless onboarding, while Nadish sheds light on the pressing need for a unified API capable of addressing diverse banking challenges, detailing Volante’s initiatives geared toward meeting this demand.

Tune in to gain insights into the evolving landscape of API accessibility and the collaborative efforts driving industry innovation.