SWIFT MT103 Validator Service

SWIFT MT103 Validator Service

SWIFT MT103 Validator Service

The Volante Messaging Service for SWIFT MT Message Validator provides APIs for validating MT103 messages based on Standards Release Guide 2019.  This guarantees acceptance by applications or by the SWIFT network that you may be planning to when these messages go live in November 2019.

All Volante's Validator APIs are accessible as REST Services and offer the following features:

  • Enables financial messages to be submitted for validation via a RESTful web service
  • Relies on JSON as the data-interchange format and HTTP as the protocol
  • The services provide authentication with credentials that can be set by the user, thereby providing secure access.
  • This facility enhances the testing functionality for Financial Institutions by easily indicating Valid and Invalid messages, and highlighting issues in the latter case needing attention. This facility virtually eliminates the costs, risks and inefficiencies that come from formatting errors

Before using these services we urge you to study our Volante Cloud Services – End User License Agreement

Launching the Volante SWIFT MT103 Validator AMI

A user guide for the deployment of Volante SWIFT MT103 Validator REST Services AMI. This guide is intended to be used with an AWS account.

Complete Volante SWIFT MT103 Validator User Guide

The REST Services Deployment Guide outlines the available REST Services and application level security mandated by the API.