Staying ahead of the Fedwire migration to ISO 20022 whitepaper
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Staying ahead of the FedWire migration to ISO 20022

March 10, 2025 is a date that every bank in the US should be familiar with. It is the planned switchover of FedWire to the ISO 20022 messaging standard, a change that will impact every bank that uses FedWire. This means that for the vast majority of banks, no existing solution today will work after March 2025. In short, doing nothing will mean losing the ability to send or receive Wires. It’s time to take steps towards ensuring your bank is not left behind!

Read this white paper, authored by Celent, to understand the imminent FedWire migration to ISO 20022, the urgency for banks to act swiftly including timelines and requirements, impacts to banks and their clients, technology options available for compliance, and strategies to help you mitigate the potential risks as you embark on this journey.

Key Takeaways: 

  1. How to prepare for the shift to the new ISO 20022 version of wires
  2. The importance of starting preparations now as there is no room for complacency when institutions are quite literally up against the clock
  3. Understand the timeline challenges and requirements as banks look to meet aggressive deadlines for compliance
  4. Smartly navigate selecting the best technology and delivery options available without compromising future plans
  5. And for those that have already embarked on a journey and are hitting roadblocks, we delve into options available to help you be ready on ‘Day One’