CGG Fireside Chat Italy: Enabling transformation: Instant payment processing in the cloud and as-a-service

Instant payments volumes and use cases continue to grow exponentially as digital solutions and increasing demand fuel fundamental change in payments systems. With developments such as the ISO 20022 common messaging standard and the European Payments Initiative in place, banks need to seamlessly connect to their customers, service providers, and participating networks to be able to monetise associated value-added services.

Join this fireside chat as we talk with Italian industry experts from Unicredit and CBI about how embracing instant payment processing in the cloud and as-a-service are the enablers of transformation. Banks need to modernise their operating models now to stay competitive and relevant.


  • Gianluca D’Imperio -Gianluca D’Imperio, Compliance VP – Regulatory Management/Group Client Solutions Advisory, Unicredit
  • Alessandro Impellizzeri, Head of Standards, CBI
  • Peter Larsson, Payments Practice Lead for Europe, Volante Technologies