ISO 20022: Data and Insights from Hundreds of Institutions Now!

With the deadlines for the ISO 20022 mandate pushed, now is a good time to assess both where the industry stands, and what approaches we can take to get the most value from the new format.

Volante invited Gareth Lodge, Principal Analyst, Global Payments at Celent, to discuss the insights he has gathered from hundreds of interactions with banks and corporations. Celent is the leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions globally.

Watch this fireside chat and walk away with actionable insights like:
– Where do other institutions fit on the adoption cycle for ISO 20022?
– Do corporations see the value in the move to a new messaging format?
– What pitfalls are those looking to adopt ISO 20022 facing and how can organizations address those pitfalls?
– What new value-added services might come as a result of the adoption of the new format?