ISO 20022: The future of payments

This webinar featuring the Bank of England and participant banks, discusses the status of ISO 20022 and the value that can come from adopting the standard.

We explore the challenges faced by banks when implementing ISO 20022, the benefits of ISO 20022 for central banks and participant banks, and how data from the message format can be leveraged to create additional revenue and added value for customers.

Join us to learn:

  • What are the challenges can banks expect as they look to implement ISO 20022
  • What were the biggest challenges Bank of England faced when embarking on their program
  • What does Bank of England’s wider program of work include, and what other changes they have made to the core RTGS system
  • What are the benefits of the central bank adopting ISO 20022 for the broader community
  • How can banks leverage the data in ISO 20022 to create additional revenue for themselves and added value for their customers
  • How has Bank of England helped banks overcome the challenges of adopting ISO 20022
  • What does the ISO 20022 for CHAPS roadmap look like
  • What are the other initiatives that Bank of England is currently working on or considering


  • Elizabeth Leather, Policy Manager, Bank of England
  • Nick Mellish, Engineering Lead, Next Gen International & High Value Payments, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Peter Larsson, Payments Practice Lead for Europe, Volante
  • Emma Saxton, Business Product Manager, Swift (Moderator)