Payments Modernization in the Middle East: Gearing up for Next-Gen Payments

Payment ecosystem in the Middle East is evolving rapidly, fuelled by expanding physical and digital infrastructure and driven by demand for instant payments, increasing volumes, and a necessity for real-time reconciliations. At the same time, central banks across the Middle East are putting in place regulatory frameworks such as the Real Time Payments – National Payments in Bahrain, NPSS in the UAE and SARIE in Saudi Arabia, that would accelerate the shift from cash to digital alternatives. It is thus important for banks to have in place modern system that are agile and scalable, to ensure they are ready to comply with evolving regulations and compliance requirements, while providing customers with a seamless payment experience.

Watch our panel of experts to find out more about the trends and the impact of Next-Gen Payments in the Middle East and what the future may have in store for Banks and Vendors in the ecosystem.