The Paytech Show: Are banks ready for the American payments revolution?

In this episode of The Paytech Show, Bethann Johnston, MD of Global Transaction Services at Bank of America, and Chetan Cariappa, Director of Strategic Accounts at Volante Technologies, share their thoughts on what’s happening in American payments, particularly following the introduction of FedNow. Cariappa sheds light on the potential revenues associated with embracing real-time payments and Johnston discusses the ongoing shift from paper to digital. Hear about Volante’s role in global fintech to date and their pivotal contributions to real-time payments, including being the first to send one in the U.S.

Johnston outlines how Bank of America assists clients navigating these changes, helping them to adopt real-time payments at their own pace. The conversation touches on modernisation opportunities in healthcare payments and concludes by addressing the benefits and challenges of ISO 20022, offering a glimpse into the future where companies look to Paytech to provide transparency, fraud protection, and efficiency.