Free VolPay™ Real-time / Instant Payments as a Service

Free VolPay™ Real-time / Instant Payments as a Service


FREE of implementation, service and transaction fees

Real-time / instant payments are ready for business. But despite the availability of immediate account-to-account transfers in the US and the EU, adoption is slow.

Legacy vendor approaches to implementing payment systems are creating blockers. Banks want to participate in faster payments, but high upfront infrastructure and software costs, and long complex integration projects, are holding them back.

Volante’s free cloud-managed service eliminates these cost, time and risk barriers. Banks can now focus their resources on building compelling real-time payments customer experiences, and accelerating our collective journey into an always-instant world.

What’s in the free service?

  • End-to-end payment processing and scheme connectivity
  • One payment type, either US TCH RTP® or EU SEPA instant payments (RT1 or TIPS)
  • Onboarding in 60 days or less
  • Managed by Volante on Microsoft Azure

What does free mean?

  • Zero professional services fees for standard onboarding
  • Zero transaction fees for first 100,000 transactions, for each of the first three years
  • Zero service fees for the first three years
  • Right to cancel at any time within the first three years, no strings attached

Why Volante and VolPay

Watch this interview with Finextra in which Vinay Prabhakar, VP Product Marketing for Volante Technologies, talks about the industry drivers behind Volante Technologies' FREE real-time / instant payments service.