Real-time/Instant Payments

Give your customers choice and speed

Real-time/instant payment networks enable businesses and consumers to exchange funds immediately, at any time. Coupled with value-added services, real-time payments provide banks an opportunity for differentiation by delivering new solutions that expand and grow their business and generate new revenue streams.

In the past, adding a new payment scheme required high upfront costs and long integration projects that consumed valuable resources. Volante’s Real-time Payments as a Service (PaaS) eliminates the drawbacks of legacy approaches, allowing banks to join the real-time evolution quickly and at lower cost. By embracing an as-a-service model, Volante removes the burden of managing real-time payments for you, so you can focus on growing your business. Banks also gain access to real-time innovation so they can get ahead, stay ahead, and beat the competition. That’s PaaS done right.

Learn how Volante can help you accelerate your adoption of FedNow and start generating new revenue streams.

Key Benefits

Improve Customer Service and Experience

Accelerate Speed to Market

Deliver Cutting-edge New Products and Services

Generate New Revenue Streams

Expand and Grow Your Business


In addition to U.S. real-time payments and SEPA instant payments networks, Volante supports over 100 clearing and settlement schemes, globally.

FedNow℠ Instant Payments

Are you ready for FedNow? The Federal Reserve recently announced that the instant payments service will launch July 2023. Volante can help you get to market quickly with our cloud-native, so you can get ahead. Don’t get left behind.

The Clearing House RTP®

The RTP network enables consumers and businesses to exchange funds immediately, at any time. With Volante’s real-time payments solution, you can deliver new products and services to market 2x faster. Join the evolution.

SEPA Instant Payments

Looking to modernize your SEPA instant payments solution? Volante’s cloud-native instant payments solution allows you to adapt, grow and scale your business with speed and agility. It’s time to evolve.

What Customers Say

We are creating the building blocks for an integrated payments ecosystem both for today’s needs and for the next generation. This approach allowed us to be first to market with RTP and will also serve us well over the long term

Saket Sharma, CIO, BNY Mellon Treasury Services
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With Volante we can ride the real-time payments wave and be an early adopter without any of the technical hurdles associated with launching a real-time payments offering

Michael Palmer, Chief Operating Officer, TAB Bank
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European Instant Payments Innovation: Not a Moment Too Soon

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Volante EU Instant Payments

Discover what Volante’s SEPA instant payments solution can do for your business. 

Over 125 financial institutions globally power their payments processing with
, Volante’s award-winning cloud-native payments solution

VolPay gives banks and financial businesses the freedom the evolve. The solution is a cloud-first payments solution that accelerates payments innovation and digital transformation. Built on a proven low-code technology platform, delivered as true SaaS, enables our customers to modernize their legacy payments technology, so they can adapt and innovate with speed and agility.

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