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SEPA instant payments

Offer customers flexibility and efficiency

Drive business expansion and deliver cutting-edge products and services.

SEPA instant payment processed in the cloud

Acceleration in time to revenue

View of the payments lifecycle

Adapt to new business needs and regulations by leveraging a modern, scalable solution

Time to market

Seamlessly embrace the instant payments evolution, using a multi-rail, future-ready payments solution.

Enhance experience

Improve customer service and experience by offering innovative products and a single payments initiation API.

Realize new opportunities

Achieve business expansion, cultivate growth, and generate new revenue streams to gain a competitive advantage.

Meet compliance requirements

Comply with new industry mandates and regulations in real time with an ISO 20022 native solution.

Outlook for instant payments in Europe

The European Parliament is soon to convene on legislation mandating SEPA Instant Payments. In addition to this initiative, the European Payments Council will introduce the “confirmation of payee” service to combat payments fraud. Together, these measures are propelling the demand for payments modernization throughout Europe.

In a new paper from Lipis Advisors, we unpack the proposed legislation to help banks prepare:

  • Mandate overview: Proposed requirements and implications
  • Market readiness: Explore the varying levels of preparedness and the steps to comply 
  • Upcoming PSD3: Insights into the directive

Download a free copy of the paper to learn about the implications for banks and examine the unique opportunities across the varied European landscape.

Volante EU instant payments

In Europe, banks are in an urgent race to offer instant payments as a standard feature and meet new regulatory requirements. Find out how Volante can enable instant payments processing and compliance, today.

SEPA instant payments in the cloud or as a service

It’s time to adapt, grow, and scale your business with speed and agility.

The instant payments landscape continues to evolve and shows no signs of slowing down. Volante’s cloud and ISO 20022-native solution is the only multi-network SaaS solution for instant payments, providing end-to-end payment processing and network connectivity for both RT1 and TIPS, available in the cloud or SaaS. Rest assured that we have you covered for the requirements of today and into the future.

  • One solution for all your instant payment needs
  • Single payments initiation API across all channels
  • Provides 360° view of payments including support of ‘confirmation of payee’
  • APIs for open banking and PSD2 compliance
  • Deploy compliance updates and new features without downtime
  • Certified network connectivity for RT1 and TIPS via SIANet
  • ISO 20022 native
  • Cloud-managed, no hardware or software required
  • Standardized onboarding
  • Ongoing service management and maintenance


Outlook for Instant Payments in Europe - On Demand
Outlook on Instant Payments in Europe
Outlook for instant payments in Europe
Unpacking the mandate for instant payments in Euros
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