ISO 20022 Service

Quickly compose ISO 20022-based solutions with the power
of low-code technology.

Less time to build ISO 20022-based services

Financial message formats OOTB


Specialized skills needed

Adopt and drive revenue with ISO 20022

Quickly meet the ISO 20022 mandate, validating, transforming, and creating financial messages with our API-based service. Then drive greater value, building new services from the data with our low-code platform.

ISO 20022 mandate

Augment your existing legacy payment systems and quickly meet the ISO 20022 mandate with a simple call to an API service.

Enriched data

Add important information from your internal systems and make full use of the enhanced ISO 20022 message structure.

Low-code platform

Configure messages as they go to and from the ISO 20022 service, supporting all message types including proprietary.

Try it for free

Gain access to Volante’s demo system, where you can experience the easiest path to meeting and monetizing the ISO 20022 mandate.

UBS discusses their experience

You can use our low-code platform, our API-based service, or a combination of both, to make the most of ISO 20022. Listen to UBS discuss their experience with our low-code technology.

Core capabilities

Support ISO 20022-based messages and then quickly drive value from their data, with the capabilities the Volante low-code platform and our API-based ISO Service provide.


Ensure ISO-based and non ISO-based financial messages have the right format and syntax. Benefit from immediate alerts on issues and suggested fixes.


Quickly create financial messages in any format, from internal systems or other data sources.


Go to and from ISO 20022-based messages, all with one simple API call.


Capture additional data in the rich ISO-20022 messages, further enrich messages with additional data, and/or drive automated workflows, to create new services.

Financial message formats supported

Regardless of your region, if you are looking to validate, create, or transform a financial message with APIs, we have you covered.


ISO 20022: Data and Insights from Hundreds of Institutions Now!
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Data-Driven Innovation Through ISO 20022

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