Payments as a Service
Done Right

Evolve payments the right way, with all the benefits of a cloud-native payments solution

Volante’s Payments as a Service (PaaS) helps financial institutions evolve payments, so you can focus on your business, not IT. Our cloud-native, award-winning Payments as a Service helps banks adapt their business model and realize new opportunities to grow and scale their business with speed. Payments as a Service removes the burden of managing your payments systems end-to-end from on-time upgrades, compliance and regulatory requirements and real-time monitoring, and more, by managing it seamlessly for you. That’s PaaS done right.

Volante can help you manage your payments business, leveraging our award-winning Payments as a Service, so you can focus on growing and expanding your business.

PaaS Done Right Benefits

Payments Made Simple

PaaS done right allows banks to adapt their business model and realize new opportunities to grow and scale their business, with speed and agility. Volante’s cloud-native, award-winning Payments as a Service solution improves system uptime, disaster recovery, and provides seamless scalability. The solution provides active, active redundancy and load balancing, with the highest levels of security and compliance. If an issue arises, real-time disaster recovery ensures payments are processed quickly with increased automation.  

Redefine Productivity and Efficiency

We help financial institutions unlock the value of payments and realize new levels of productivity and efficiency. It delivers an agile, one-stop solution that supports today’s real-time, multi-rail, ISO 20022 payments operations at scale, with less risk and enhanced security. Built on cloud-native microservices architecture, it reduces implementation time by up to 50%, provides easier development of value-added services and delivers API-based innovation on top of real-time processing rails. Customers have achieved a 30% increase in digital transaction processing volumes and 10x payment processing speed. In addition, PaaS reduces total cost of ownership by up to 40% leveraging Volante’s multitenant and multirail capabilities. Control costs consuming what you need, when you need it.

Gain a Competitive Edge

We help financial institutions gain a competitive edge by reinventing the customer experience, removing friction in payments and accelerating speed to market. PaaS done right provides easy access to real-time innovation to offer new and improved payments services, accelerating time to revenue by 50%. We simplify onboarding for corporate customers with an intuitive API interface and reduce time to onboard new customers by up to 60%. Smart routing capabilities provide the best payment option for your customers, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving customer experience. As the market continues to evolve, we de-risk all your compliance and regulation requirements by managing it seamlessly for you.  

Own Your Own Payments Journey With a Trusted Partner

Leveraging over 20 years of experience, we ensure our customers are modernizing payments the right way, wherever they are in their modernization journey. We help our customers solve their biggest challenges and develop a partnership to co-innovate, with the ability to own their own payments journey. We also make it easy for our customers to do business with us to address their end-to-end needs in collaboration with an extensive partner ecosystem comprised of leading solution providers in the industry. 


Real-time/Instant Payments

Deliver immediacy and choice for your customers by connecting to Pan-European instant payments and U.S. real-time payment schemes.

Embedded Preprocessing

Payment preprocessing works with your existing technology to improve customer service by providing the best payment option, at the least cost, and fastest routing.

U.S. Wire Payments

Process wires from corporate initiation through to direct clearing and settlement connectivity to the Fedwire Funds Service.

The Volante Experience™

Learn how Volante accelerates Payments as a Service onboarding for financial institutions.

What Customers Say

We are ready to move fast in order to offer innovative payment and remittance services to our customers and we firmly believe that Volante is the right partner to enable us to do this

Tony Xiao, Director & CEO, Niche Global


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Over 125 financial institutions globally power their payments processing with

Volante’s VolPay is the underpinning technology for our cloud-native payments solutions for banks and financial institutions of all sizes. It provides a complete ecosystem of business services for payments modernization. The solution is API-ready, ISO 20022 native, unifies domestic and international payments processing, end-to-end, and provides real-time processing rails, with over 100 networks supported.

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