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of wire value processed by a Volante customer in a single day

Wires are at the heart of any payments business. Errors in processing – downtime, delays, duplicates and lost payments – cost money, and erode client trust. Banks also need to provide resilient wire services in the face of increasing volumes and demanding SLAs, without adding operational headcount.

The wires landscape is shifting. Banks need to prepare for the future of wires: the coming conversion of Fedwire® and CHIPS to the ISO 20022 messaging standard; the gradual extension of Fedwire settlement hours to a 24x7x365 cycle; and the advent of the FedNowTM instant payment network.

Legacy systems cannot meet the demand. Fortunately, Volante offers a wire payment processing solution for the modern age – U.S. Wire Payments as a Service in the cloud. Our service raises productivity, lowers costs, accelerates time to value, and delivers the resiliency you and your customers need now and in the future.

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US Wires: Mid-Tier Banks

The world of wire payments is changing fast – and so are customer expectations. More than ever before, customers want wire payments to be easy, fast, and reliable. But legacy wire systems are holding banks back and putting them at risk of losing customers if they do not prioritize payment’s systems modernization.

Volante U.S. Wire Payments as a Service

End-to-end processing of wires from corporate initiation through to direct clearing and settlement connectivity to the Federal Reserve Funds Service, delivered as a managed service in the cloud


  • No more missed, delayed, or duplicated payments
  • Industry-first active-active-active deployment: zero RTO/RPO
  • Scalable to the wire volumes of the world’s largest banks


  • Dual Fed connections (live+standby) for business continuity
  • Easy to integrate with bank systems
  • Frees up bank staff to focus on innovation and customer experience


  • Rapid implementation, 90 days or less
  • Pay as you go based on volume
  • Shift capex to opex
  • Lower per-transaction processing costs
  • Reduce TCO by 40%, improve margins


  • Quickly extensible to other available payment types such as ACH, The Clearing House RTP®, and SWIFT 
  • ISO 20022 fluent
  • Ready for 24x7x365 settlement


  • Completely secure cloud service
  • All data owned by bank
  • Penetration tests conducted regularly
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified 
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Attested


  • 100% compliant with all Fedwire® Funds Service network rules
  • Automated compliance updates
  • Works with all sanctions/AML solutions
  • Federal Reserve-approved provider

Why Volante for Wire Processing in the Cloud?

Volante Payments as a Service (PaaS) in the cloud, meets our business requirements, supports our growth, and ensures that we will be able to quickly roll out new payment services in the future

Robert Lawson, SVP Strategic Initiatives, First American Trust FSB

Many banks are experiencing significant growth in Fedwire volumes…legacy systems and services cannot manage this growth and cloud-based payment processing services are an ideal resolution

Ed Fandrey, VP Financial Services, Microsoft

The Volante Experience™ brings the speed, lower cost and simplicity of the modern SaaS customer onboarding experience to banks and financial institutions adopting Volante’s cloud-native payments solutions.

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